Tuesday, 11 October 2011


The grading system the English chess Federation (ECF) uses determines a players chess strength.
The higher the grade number the stronger the chess player.
Grading points are gained or lost from results of games played in tournaments.
The more games you win the higher you grade.

The ECF has a range of chess titles that players can qualify for.
They start will Chess Maestro going up to National Master with others in between.
Players qualify for each title by having a certain grade.
The Chess Maestro title requires a minimum grade of 95 on the ECF grading list.

The Knights have several players with grades,but one Knight has a grade above 95,so qualifing for the Chess Maestro title.
That player is Niall Ali,he has a grade of 96,and was granted the title of Chess Maestro in early October,this is a life title.
Well done to him,Niall now has the Team Master title in his sights,this requires a grade of 120.

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