Tuesday, 31 May 2011


The results of the Knights who played in the Essex UK-Challenge Mega-Final held at Basildon on May 22nd 2011.

Toluwaniyi finished 3rd in the boys under 8 tournament.

Niall finished 1st in the boys under 9 tournament.
Atul finished equal 2nd in the boys under 9 tournament.
Sreeram finished equal 5th in the boys under 9 tournament.

James finished equal 5th in the boys under 10 tournament.
Theo finished equal 5th in the boys under 10 tournament.
Matthew finished equal 6th in the boys under 10 tournament.
Aiden finished equal 6th in the boys under 10 tournament.

Well done to them, all these are excellent results, as this was the first non-club tournament for 3 of the players.
This was a tough tournament, each player scored points and played some good chess as well.
To qualify to the Mega-Final players from all over Essex had to have scored enough points in the School/club based tournament held during early spring.

Niall and Atul have qualified to the South of England Giga-Final held Reading Saturday 9th July.

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Richard Teichmann one of the best players of the early 1900’s said “chess is 99% tactics”.

So following this advice if you understand tactics and use them in your games you will have a better chance of winning. Spotting tactics is difficult, it takes practise. The more you practise tactics the easier it is to see them in your games.

What are tactics?

The common tactics are:


If you can look for tactics in your games they can sometimes be winning moves.

Today we look at the PIN.


“a pin is a piece that cannot move without exposing a more valuable piece on its other side to capture by the attacking piece”

This is a position after only a few moves, black has just moved the bishop from the c8 square to the g4 square.

This is attacking the white knight on f3.

If the white knight on f3 moves from this square it opens up an attack, on the white queen on d1 from the black bishop on g4.

Unless you want to give up your queen for a bishop, the white f3 knight is PINNED.

How to un-PIN yourself.

1/Attack the bishop with pawn to h3, hope it will move away or take the knight.

2/Move the queen from the PIN line or diagonal, in this position you cant.

3/Put another piece between the PINNED knight and the queen.

Can you work out what moves are the answers to number 3 ?

If you know the answers you can put it in the comment section.

Or e-mail the answer to us,the e-mail address is in the ABOUT US section.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


This is one of the best games of chess ever played.
It was played at the opera in Paris France in 1857.
The famous American player Paul Morphy is playing with the white pieces.
The Duke of Brunswick and Count Isouard are working as a team with the black pieces.
In this game Morphy shows the power of the PIN.
He attacks when his pieces are developed.
To play the game click on show chess board then click right arrow button under the board for each move.
Enjoy a great game.

(show chess board)

(hide chess board)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Club Championship 2011

Over the past ten weeks the Knights of Gidea Park have held thier first club Championship,this tournament also doubled as a qualifier to the UK-Chess challenge Essex Mega-final in Basildon in May.
The club championship was close at the end as the scores show.
Some very good chess was played throughout the tournament.
1st Naill 20 points out of 21
2nd Theo 19/21
3rd Aiden 17/21
3rd Atul 17/21
4th Sreeram 15/21
4th Toluwaniyi 15/21
5th Angelo 14/21
5th Matthew 14/21
5th James 14/21
6th Megan 12/21
7th Keeley 11/21
7th Thomas 11/21
8th Balthazar 10/21

All the players on 14 points and above have qualified for the Essex Mega-final.

Knight plays for Essex

Niall has recently played for Essex under 9 county team of 12 on board 2 in the Inter Counties East zone in London.
Essex finished 3rd place the team and qualified for the Inter Counties final in Nottingham.
In the final at Nottingham Essex finished 10th out of 20 counties.
Well done to Niall the first Knight to play for the County.


Welcome to the Knights of Gidea Park Junior Chess Club,we have only been a club since January 2011.
This has not stopped the players from entering their first tournament,an Essex junior grand prix event held at South woodham Ferrers.
Club members entered the under 9 and under 11 sections.
In the under 9 section Niall finished in 1st place with 6 out of 6 a fantasic performance.
Also in this section Sreeram had an excellent first tournament finishing 4th= and winning the BEST NEWCOMER trophy.
In the under 11 section Theo 7th=,James 8th= and Aiden 9th= all first timers in tournaments played very well and all won some games.