Sunday, 17 July 2011


The away match against Fairlop Primary School chess club finished a draw at 9-9.
The match was over 2 rounds, with 9 points to be won each round.
Fairlop won the first round 5-4,then the Knights came back to win the second round 5-4,giving a 9-9 drawn match score.

Both rounds were very close,but some very good chess was played by both teams.
Thanks should go to Fairlop for being very good hosts.
Well done to each member of the team,as Fairlop are a very good chess club.
Atul was the Knights top scorer winning both of his games.
The Knights team was:

Niall Ali (captain)
Sreeram Babu
Angelo Parodi
Atul Sooraj
James Bedford
Matthew Luff
Megan Waters
Tolu Opaleye
Arun Bhargava

As the match was a draw each club will keep the trophy for 6 months.
The Knights as trophy sponsors having the first 6 months.
The match with Fairlop is planned to become an annual event every July,as an end to the chess season.

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