Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Club Championship 2011

Over the past ten weeks the Knights of Gidea Park have held thier first club Championship,this tournament also doubled as a qualifier to the UK-Chess challenge Essex Mega-final in Basildon in May.
The club championship was close at the end as the scores show.
Some very good chess was played throughout the tournament.
1st Naill 20 points out of 21
2nd Theo 19/21
3rd Aiden 17/21
3rd Atul 17/21
4th Sreeram 15/21
4th Toluwaniyi 15/21
5th Angelo 14/21
5th Matthew 14/21
5th James 14/21
6th Megan 12/21
7th Keeley 11/21
7th Thomas 11/21
8th Balthazar 10/21

All the players on 14 points and above have qualified for the Essex Mega-final.

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